Maven Interns


This internship designed by Maven Marketing Agency provides an intern with direction to professionally utilize their skills & creativity. Some projects will consist of website design, content creating, analyzing data, and sometimes collaborative projects. All of the work and meetings will aid in the advancement of an intern's work ethic & overall performance.


Meet Our 2021 Interns


Digital Marketing

creates content for the company's social media handles and



Social Media 

creates content, copywrites, designs graphics, & posts to the official social media page(s)



assisting in the management of marketing and collaborating ideas with other interns

Want to join our team?

Maven Marketing Agency brings in diverse individuals who are working towards the same goal. At Maven, we openly communicate & set the standard high and consistently achieve greater. There is always space for creative minds and hardworking individuals. We are looking for dedicated people who are looking for fixed and variable work. It is continuously changing but always working towards the betterment of Maven each day.

flexible hours 

fully remote

bonus pay